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Our Company has production plants in Rewari District of Haryana India in the Name of Vipin Metal Works. VIMET is our Brand, nationally & internationally we market our Cold Rolled Copper, Brass & Zinc Sheets in variety of Sizes & Gauges (SWG) to meet the customer requirements in time conforming the specified Standards.
Different Stages Of our production process
Alloying & Melting:-
The first stage consists of melting the pure virgin metals and adding a controlled amount of desired elements in a series of furnaces/Oil Fired Furnaces to produce a liquid alloy.
The liquid metal is then transferred to a Water Cooled Book Mould Castings /continuous casting machine/ for solidification into continuous Billets/ slabs about 50 millimeters thick. The controlled cooling process produces a fine, homogeneous grain structure. Button Castings are obtained & tested for required Chemical Compositions batch wise.
Hot Rolling & Cold Rolling: -
Three to five rolling operations are performed to reduce the slab/Billets to the required thickness. Throughout this process, temperature, rolling speed and reduction rate are closely monitored and adjusted to obtain the requisite mechanical and dimensional characteristics & Surface finish.
Slitting into sheets and coils & dispatches.
One of the final steps involves slitting & Shearing the rolled zinc into sheets or coils of the required weight. Lab tests being carried out for required mechanical & chemical properties before each order dispatch. Ready Material is stored in dry places & Wood packing is used as standard Packing & Proper Logistics.